Thursday, March 29, 2012


With rich matte glazes and metallic accents, Waylande Gregory's iconic ceramic designs have stood the test of time and are finding a new audience with their brighter hues and modern applications on a wide array of decorative accessories.
A master ceramicist who devised a revolutionary glazing technique, Gregory's designs from the 1940's and 50's are being revived and appreciated once again for their whimsy, graphic sensibility and artistic flair. Gregory's great-grand nephew Bryan Downey and Mickey Rosarin came across a trove of his work, have revived his archives, and are producing pieces in Peru for Waylande Gregory Studios. Their most recent animal introductions are too adorable not to scoop up in multiples. They make a terrific addition with their burst of color, personality and exuberance. You can find WG designs online at Gracious Style and Vivre.

Lime Fish, an instant favorite of mine. His big personality shines through.

Yellow Giraffe Tray

Red Bird Tray

Tiger Face Tray

Fan Peacocks struttin' it across a box, and trays

Blue Pelican and Asian Elephant

Fan Peacock and Buddha's House with Tiger above

Blue Fish Coasters

Elephant Coasters