Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Photo courtesy of Best Made
Nature Abhors A Vacuum Brush with horse hair bristles from Best Made Company won't be enough to clean up this mess. If only.

I am having a hard time writing about anything but the storm today, as I am concerned for fellow New Yorkers and the state of the state, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Eastern Seaboard. Hurricane Sandy wreaked such havoc on lower Manhattan that it is hard to believe until you see it. This New York Magazine article pretty much sums it up. The subway will be down for several days, trees have been uprooted all over the place, sidewalks have buckled, basements and first floors flooded and the electronic inner-workings of the city have come grinding to a halt. So, instead of writing about design, I have decided to see what I can do to help my downtown neighbors deal with the after effects of the roiling turmoil Sandy has left in her wake. Recovery will not be swift, but rather a slow crawl, so we have to have patience for the Big Apple and know it will take time to hit its stride again. Halloween? Why yes, it is scary.

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