Monday, October 1, 2012


Photos courtesy of Haute Papier
Sarah Meyer Walsh with Erin Miller of Haute Papier

I love finding new stationery companies that make beautiful, timeless designs. My fondness for classic writing paper and fonts knows no bounds. Haute Papier, a young brand out of the D.C. area has gotten it right from the start. From custom letterpress cards to coasters, founder Sarah Meyer Walsh creates sophisticated yet cozy-familiar designs with monograms and motifs in Leesburg, Virginia and Georgetown studios with her partner, Erin Miller. Pretty, proper paper is making a comeback.

Custom coaster designs make a big impact for housewarming gifts and holidays:

Pick your colors:

Pick your monogram:

Pick your monogram:

The results:
The finished product is elegant and protects your furniture from dreaded water rings.

Their personal stationery can be created for a brand statement with business cards that complete the suite. I'm into it.

Inventive fonts are available along with a good color assortment 

Cut corners and a deco style font

Very Charles Rennie Mackintosh architectural

I love a good script with a flourish in an unexpected color

Live on the water. This is for you.

The newest signature stationery they flat print or letterpress your signature onto paper. Seeing people's John Hancock in the mail is a nice addition.


quintessence said...

So cute - hopping over to check them out. Look forward to seeing you soon!!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Enjoy! See you at DDB!