Wednesday, December 5, 2012


With cute visages and wise reputation, the owl is the go-to bird of choice these days. From feather festooned ornaments to hand painted dinnerware, their tell-tale silhouette, large eyes and unique feathers are open to a variety of creative interpretations.  These noble, winged creatures gained their image of being scholarly because of their extremely good night vision. They can be cute and fuzzy or wise and serene, and there is a bevy of character in their round little faces. If you give a hoot, there is a feathered friend you will come to adore.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie
Resting on a single branch, Hedwig the white Snow Owl from Anthropologie gives off a warm vibe.

Photo courtesy of World Market
Need a glitzy mod owl for your yuletide? World Market's Metal Owl ornaments resemble vintage jewelry, pick silver or gold.

West Elm's Black and White Owl Ornament with gazing eyes and a speckled coat.

Sparkly and blue, the Glimmer Glass Owl from Anthro adds a glow to the tree.

With bark and twine and feathers around his eyes, The diminutive Nature Nursery Owl has his peepers trained on you. From Anthro.

If he was alive, I would consider adopting him. Fuzzy wuzzy, The Tussled Feather Owl at Anthro is all personality.

Combining tiny twigs and pieces of bark, Anthro's  Sprig and Spruce Owl sits on alert.

A folksy hand painted clay pitcher in the shape of an owl from Anthropologie.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Wide eyed and vibrating with wisdom, Urban Outfitter's Owl Cooke Jar is just as good as his vintage counterparts.

Covering the entire surface area of the plate, Owl Dessert Plates from West Elm have hand done artistic flair.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler
Shake up the table with Jonathan Adler's  all white ceramic Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
Whenever I see a vintage version of an owl lidded box like this,  I want to scoop it up. This pretty lidded Pottery Barn Owl Cloisonne Box lined in blue enamel has a Japanese influence. 

Keep books organized in wise style with Z Gallerie's split-personality White Owl Bookends in polyresin.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Strong
An owl sits in the shadow of the moon on Mrs. Strong's note card.


Wall Decal Company said...

Owls are very in at the moment in design living.

Wall Decal Company said...

Owls are very in at the moment in design living.

Libby said...

I remember first hearing about owls maybe 3 years ago... when my customers wanted us to design with that icon (paper plates, ceramics, rugs etc.). Well, it seemed like a long shot to us at that time: who would really want owls? But we went ahead and designed all sorts of owls and look at them now!