Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 Photos courtesy of Nicole Porter
When I discovered Nicole Porter's captivating designs at the gift show, they caught my attention from 12 paces away.  With their bright and linear patterns, the beautiful light Beech Wood bowls and plates she creates are showstoppers. What a modern way to re-invent the classic wood bowl.  Porter applies zero VOC acrylic paints to the dried blond woods and the resulting made in the USA designs are striking in a mod surfer way.  Just don't put them in the dishwasher or microwave, they are allergic.  The strong graphic designs, stripes and color play make her eye catching designs worth noting.

A large salad bowl with the NeOn Stripes in in pink and seafoam paints.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Porter
Modern Neon Hardwood bowls, sold in a set of 4.

A closer look at two of the set of 4.

 A 7 inch hardwood plate with with Electric Orange stripes

 A 10 inch wood plate with neon hot Neon Pink stripe details.

Another version, with neon Electric yellow stripes.

A serving tray dipped in white like Black and White Cookies, a New York deli staple.