Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Lostine has a way with wood.  The company, based out of Philadelphia, prides itself on it's US made, hand-hewn cutting boards of varying shapes and sizes. They have gained a following for their artisanal, nautical in feeling cutting boards, that you can find at stores like Anthropologie and ABC Carpet and Home. Whether stained a dark finish or accented with milk paint, their clever designs include self-hanging leather straps. I love functional pieces that looks great too. Bring one along as your next hostess or housewarming gift and be the hit of the party. The lucky recipient will never have a boring looking cheese presentation once this gorgeous piece in in their clutches.

 Photos courtesy of Lostine
Their Baguette Board with milk paint dipped edges with fresh crisp nautical appeal.

Dark stained Mahogany with inlaid wood, 2 tromp l'oeil knives sit askew. Charming and clever.

Tiny black minnows dart across a smaller, round cutting board.

Waves lap across the bottom of a rectangular piece of wood accented with milk paint.

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Krista said...

I have one of these beauties and have to admit that I don't cut on it - it's too gorgeous! It's a total conversation piece though.