Monday, March 18, 2013


Photo by Jason Bell for British Vogue courtesy of Aerin
Aerin in the lush garden of her family's Palm Beach home.

 Photos courtesy of Aerin
This spring brings some pretty exciting design launches, including Aerin Lauder's home line. Creating home accessories inspired by pieces in her personal collection and from traveling the New York to Palm Beach axis for years,  the Aerin Collection's new spring additions include special updated - for - today pieces.  They are made for entertaining and gift giving in a traditional, refined style. Her decorative accessories, featuring brass and gold with pale tones of blue, green ivory and grey (her logo color), are mixed with shagreen, shells, and woven materials. The inclusion of a heart motif and little animal objects inject a bit of fun and endearment into the mix. 
 Capturing the eye of the savvy and design-obsessed, with her launch last fall,  her objects and accessories will be followed up by the coming addition of Lee Jofa fabrics and furniture with EJ Victor. in April.  Table and bar are sure to benefit from the cosmopolitan and beachy influence these pretty pieces bring. I'm looking forward to seeing the assortment rounded out for a full-on Aerin-enhanced vision soon.

 Art Deco inspired candlesticks of cream shagreen and brass have a pared-down simplicity that elevates the setting they are used in.

I love the thought of pairing the tall and short versions where symmetrical applications look great, like on a fireplace mantel.

Simple cream shagreen coasters with a subtle brass rim come in a boxed set of 6. Ready to go as a gift, it is a nice gesture as it protects furniture from damaging water rings.

Tweet tweet won't you put me on your bar to look sweet? A birdy bottle opener is a charmer.

Stage a bar on this large sized cream shagreen tray with tubular handles and brass trim.

Utilizing talented craftspeople around the globe, these glass and hand-applied 24 K gold-flecked crystal bowls were made in Italy. Hence the steeper price tag.

The same chunky bowl with a matte 24 K gold finish.

Her beautifully styled shots reinforce the beauty of objects, as well as the importance of presentation. Here, fall and spring decorative accessories together.

Little birds out of terra cotta  add a sweet, informal element to the table. Small statements can add personality and make giving gifts easy if someone loves birds.

A tiny terra cotta turtle can enliven a tabletop or side table. I mean, who doesn't love a little tortoise?

 A green shagreen heart box is sophisticated and sweet. Heartfelt.
A heart paperweight out of blueish apetite also comes in clear and blue quartz.

 A blue-tinged shagreen picture frame trimmed in brass adds a bit of pop to photo collections. Displaying an array of photos in the same frame adds a consistency that looks great.

The showstopper! A blue shagreen encased jewelry box with brass edge is fitted for jewels. It's streamlined simple design makes it an instant classic.

Gold dipped shells elevate the everyday to luxurious.

Strategically placed shells  lend a seaside air to a table. Below, the deep-dive into shells.

Chambered Nautilus Shell

Ram's Murex Shell

Enode Cockle Shell 


Land Snail Shell 

 Lamp Shell

Tiger Cowry Shell 

Lettered Cone Spotted Shell

Spotted Tun Shell

Atlantic Distorsio Shell


Creategirl said...

These pieces are gorgeous! I love the picture frame and the boxes. Can't wait to see them in person. Great post

Kate said...

Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!