Friday, March 15, 2013


Photos courtesy of Codor
Codor Design founders interior designer and artist Tamara Codor and furniture designer Sterling Voss have partnered to create a highly imaginative series of standout mirrors. The duo, based in Seattle, Washington, create their elaborate Objet Trouve, or found objects mirrors from everything gorgeous and dramatic. The create high relief plaster casts that turn out baroque-like monochromatic white plaster and gilt mirrors like nothing I have ever seen before. Their attention to detail is unparalleled and their whimsy undeniable. Find their artistic creations on Codor Design and Dering Hall.

Jabberwoky mixes shells, musical instruments, robe and varying layered components that make quite a splash

For the musically inclined,  Ariosa layers musical notes, instruments, sunbursts and flourishes

Birds of Paradise combines shells, flowers and rare birds to great effect

A Snow Bird holds court amidst shells, small blooms and tassel swags

Charlotte, with a pig gazing down from the center of the mirror,  celebrates the classic EB White children's story. Blending white with touches of black and gold, floral sprigs, shells and a crab lend a sophisticated air to a fun theme

Mimsy is a favorite of mine, with it's Chinoiserie overtones, ovoid shape,  extended bell-festooned branches, and leafy border

Equus, created for the Frye Museum, celebrates the horse and flora and fauna that often accompany Kentucky Derby winners. Gilded and painted plaster elevate the Equus.

Grand and gestural, the Golden Peacock mirror is a statement piece bar none

Classical admirers will fall for Small Gold and it's bird and leaf theme

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