Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Photos courtesy of Samuel and Sons
 Wide tape trims can easily transform a pillow, upholstery and a window treatment with their graphic presence. They are just the kind of decorative details that make custom design creations so special. The new Corinthia Collection of embroidered wool and linen tapes from Samuel and Sons command attention with their classically-inspired architectural and tile design elements. The unique color range means there is something for everyone, and I love the lush texture and surface relief that the pattern and applique provides. Available in 2.75 inch or 5 inch borders, the only limit is your application imagination.

Palladio in Pear

in Onyx

Greek Fret in Camel

in Tandoori, a favorite of mine

in Teal

in Crimson

in Porcelain

in Greige

in Leaf

in Lemon

Ogee in Alabaster

in Dove

in Wedgwood

in Ganache

in Navy

in Onyx

For Kelly Wearstler's second collection of trims with Groundworks at Lee Jofa, the palette is a muted, dusty color story, filled with vintage-inspired patterns.  She brings her own brand of luxe glamour to her fabric, wallpaper and trim designs, always pushing the colors and patterns beyond what we expect, innovating every step of the way. Dipped fringe, subtle ombred  details and gradient hues combine in a sophisticated assortment of widely usable trim, predominantly tapes.

Photos courtesy of Lee Jofa
Left column: Dipped Fringe in Rose TL10124-717, Dipped Fringe in Truffle TL10124-616, Dipped Fringe in Graphite TL10124-188, Macrame in Oatmeal TL10125-16, Macrame in Graphite TL10125-188, Macrame in Raisin TL10125-917 Center column: Macrame in Mushroom TL10125-166, Macrame in Linen TL10125-106 Macrame in Rose - TL10125-717 Right column: top to bottom: Cockscomb in Raisin TL10128-917, Cockscomb in Oatmeal TL10128-16 Cockscomb in Graphite TL10128-188, Spun Linen in Ebony TL10129-818 Spun Linen in Raisin TL10129-917, Spun Linen in Oatmeal TL10129-16 Tapestry Tape in Rose TL10123-717, Tapestry Tape in Truffle TL10123-616 Tapestry Tape in Oatmeal TL10123-16 

Cockscomb, a cool braid with a geometric pattern in the middle of each brush-surrounded section is really innovative. Shown in the color of the moment, Gold. Some more of the off colors, below.

in Graphite

in Juniper

in Raisin

in Truffle

The ombre pattern Bandeau with a cut v pattern in viscose sits next to Jewel Weave, a basket weave texture.


Carol Tate said...

Such wonderful trimmings. Just completed a project using dozens of the Samuel & Sons trims ~ many from the Lori Weitzner Collection. Your followers many wish to see how they were used here:

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

fantastic, the hits just keep coming!