Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A neutral interior with pale green, grey and beige hues created from a melange of Bunny Williams Home pieces.

With soft shades of blue, a civilized living room as created by Bunny Williams. Texture, subtle hues of blue and interesting forms both modern and trad live together in great style.

Bunny Williams Home has just added new additions to her lighting assortment. After recently changing the name of her product company from Beeline Home to her namesake Bunny Williams, there have been new designs launched, including Bunny Williams for Mirror Image Home and Doris Leslie Blau rugs. I love the modern take on the classics her designs provide. Whether inspired by the past and re-done in a new finish or color, her reworked designs offer a fresh take, always bringing something new that hasn't been created before. Here, a look at some Bunny new-ness. To see it all beautifully displayed en suite, head to her shop Treillage at  Lexington Avenue and 71st Street. If you are in California, visit LA's terrific home shop, Harbinger, which also houses Holland and Sherry and unique worldly finds.

Photos courtesy of Bunny Williams Home
The showstopping piece is the metal-wrapped Bandit table lamp, with alternating rows of brass and nickel in varying widths. So chic, and the Lux Lampshade paper shade (not included) is perfect with it.

With a beautiful lustre, the Crackle Lacquer Lamp in a neutral creamy color reveals a varied surface appeal.

For those that like a pop of color in their spaces, the Mesa Lacquer Lamp in a rich red Pimento glaze with gold trips adds an artistic handmade element that instantly softens everything around it.

Also available in a deep Avocado green, the same lamp makes a more subtle statement. What a great shade of green, it is really sophisticated and lush.

 The Jury's still out on this one for me. The Ponytail Lamp is an uplight that I could see looking amazing as a sculptural object on a modern, beautifully styled bookcase.

A really elegant and refined uplight
the Iron Torchere Floor Lamp would make a statement used in pairs in a grand marble entryway.

 The Garbo with an octagonal frame and ebony and gold banding for glahmour, darhling.

 Be There or Be Square in gold with overlapping rectangular center and angular edges.

Few colors make an impact in the powerful way red does. Pretty Me, a curvy mirror that resembles a mirror from her first collection with a wide colored mirror border in blue gets shapely in red.


Joe Ruggiero said...

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Bob - Room Additions said...

Great additions to any home if put in the right spot! It's insane how some items just make rooms come together when put in the right spot or in combination with other objects in the room! The pictures look great by the way. Thanks for the post!