Monday, August 12, 2013


Add a bit of animal magnetism around the house and you will find the addition also provides a lighthearted element. If you are a seasoned collector of animal themed objects, or just in need of a fun gift, here are the latest species to burst onto the scene. A dash of humor can play into your animal farm, and depending how and where you place them, they are sure to amuse and delight.

Proud as a peacock, this bedazzled bird is poised. From Celerie Kemble's new accessory collection for Maitland-Smith, this brass bird is a statement maker.
Photo courtesy of Arteriors
If you have an ant problem, then you probably wont find this amusing. But if you find the crawlers to be cute, then these brass sculptural ants from Arteriors might find a home on your end table.

Photo courtesy of C. Wonder
I first laid eyes on these decorative brass Cranes at the opening of the C. Wonder store.  They were being used as decorative props, and I am so glad they are now available for purchase.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler
With sparkly abalone shell inlay on his back, Jonathan Adler's turtle box not only looks good, he can store stuff inside his shell, where there is a hidden compartment.

Photo courtesy of C. Wonder
Turtles never fail to amuse, they are just endlessly inspiring with their varied shells and funny slow crawl. 
C. Wonder's version has a burnished metal shell and shiny brass appendages.

Photo courtesy of AERIN
So it's not brass, but it still gleams with the lustre of metallics. AERIN's Turtle Dove object can go from tabletop to bookcase adding a bit of sparkle.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler
Iridescent wings are captured through inlaid bits of shell on Jonathan Adler's Fly box. Pull back the wings to reveal a secret storage compartment-- just the thing for an irreverent tablescape.

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