Thursday, August 1, 2013


Sometimes packaging creates allure beyond belief. This is the case with Shuglove, a company I discovered at the Gift Show, where sweet candy confections are packaged in sturdy glass pharmacy bottles with beautifully created black and gold labels. Just gorgeous. I'm sold. The candy is good, yes, but it is the kind you know and like, just elevated to look better. Here is your sweet salvation.

Wild Cherry Gummy Bears

Lemon Meringue Gummy Bears

Watermellon Gummy Bears

Sugar Covered Lemon Drops

Spring Green Bon Bons

Blush Pink Bon Bons

Silvered Almonds

Gilt Almonds

Pastel Licorice

Cherry Stripey Candy Sticks

Blue Raspberry Stripey Candy Sticks

Strawberry Lollipops

Peaches and Cream Lollipops


Holly said...

Wow, those are gorgeous presentations! Can candy be gorgeous? I geuss so! ;-) I looked at their website and was impressed by the nice selection of different products. There are enough different flavors to use these as decorative pieces depending on the season/holiday. Great find!

Kate said...

Holly, I agree. I was thinking the same thing about using them as decorations for the holidays. It would look fantastic!