Thursday, November 21, 2013


 Photo courtesy of Natuzzi
Just chill

 There is a big emphasis these days on health and wellness for rejuvenation. When I got to hear Arianna Huffington speak at The Design Leadership Summit, she discussed what she calls "The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money and Power.  Since experiences have started to become more valued than things and stuff, the process does really matter.   It's the thing I really struggle with, the work life balance. Her point, that companies and people are pushing themselves too hard and not sleeping enough or well enough really resonated with the designer-filled audience. As an alternative to burnout and a heart attack at 50, some forward thinking companies are taking wellness matters into their offices, installing nap rooms. So rather than working harder, people can be refreshed by 20 minutes of shut eye and work smarter. Is this something that is realistic for every workplace environment? Probably not, but it is a good place to start, since unplugging from our devices can both calm the mind and encourage creative think time. Since Human Capital can be the most important kind, why not stop/unplug and recharge your batteries from time to time? Being busy as busy can be, and stressed out from the barage of emails and information coming towards us, time to unplug is becoming crucial.
One of the sponsors of my High Point visit was Natuzzi, a brand best known for its leather sofas. They have the most cutting edge showroom at market-- it looks like a sleek, black-hulled ship pulling in to dock. Inside the ship, they debuted a new chair called Re-vive, a "performance recliner" that can best be described as, well, airline chic. The chair's movements are intuitive, and there is no need to push a lever or button for it to recline. It moves with your body, from neutral to upright, to better support nap time.  

 Photo courtesy of West Elm
In order to create a super cozy cocoon, they studied the movements of a lobster tail to articulate the movements the chair should make. To enhance chill out time, wrap up in an wool throw in a red, blue or grey plaid specially designed by heritage brand Fairbault Woolen Mills in Minnesota for West Elm

 Another thing that we all need more of is water. I know I don't drink enough, so Soma's ergo eco friendly carafe and filtration system is on my Christmas list. I first read about this in Fast Company, and everyone is talking about it. as the Kickstarter phenom. Form follows function here, beautifully.

 Photo courtesy of Egg Collective
To further the sleek design aesthetic, Egg Collective's small Samuel Side Table of waxed bronze has the  linear restraint of a Richard Serra sculpture.

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Christine said...

Great post! Love it and all of the images. Fully agree we need to focus on more balance in our busy days.