Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Photo courtesy of the Design Leadership Network

Last year, a group of design principles from leading interior design, landscape and architecture firms gathered in Marrakesh to discuss big ideas such as establishing value, best design practices and creating  effective work strategies. The group, which I was fortunate to join in the exotic locale, gathered as part of the Design Leadership Network, for their 7th annual summit. This year, under the guidance of Peter Sallick, a diverse, design-minded group gathers in Gotham to absorb a variety of panel topics ranging from technology furthering design, the inspiration of fashion/art/design and the way media and marketing shape the design dialogue.  Designers fly in from around the country to take part in the conversation, and there is a strong sense of community within the group of like-minded individuals that attend. They are often on a similar career trajectory, leading their firms from strength to strength. The chance to connect in real time to those that are on a parallel path can be incredibly beneficial.
Over the next few days, I will be immersed in this design think tank, and look forward to sharing what I learned at the completion of the events.  The credo of the group, as stated on their website, is based on the inclusive moniker, "CARE: Connectivity, Advocacy, Research, and Education is the foundation of the Design Leadership Network, a community of interior designers, architects, landscape designers, construction managers, members of the media, and product company executives, who are among the highest-producing professionals in their industries. Membership (by invitation) provides access to this exclusive network through a proprietary member-only website, special events throughout the year, including the Design Leadership Summit, and research developed specifically for leaders of the design world."  I am eager to share the design dialog over the next few days, which I will be covering.
 I discussed this year's itinerary with Sallick, and he had this to share:
"Technology, fashion, art and culture, media and marketing, urban and hospitality development…these are among the powerful forces shaping the design market and our community today. As such, these are exactly the topics the Design Leadership Summit will explore over the next couple of days. We will hear from an astounding array of experts and leaders from the first session to the last with the incredible city of New York as our venue. By engaging with these forces, learning individually and experiencing them as a community of leaders, I hope that all of the attendees of the Summit will be better prepared to lead their firms and exceed the expectations of their clients in the years to come. This is an exciting time as so many colleagues come together with such great potential."
If you are interested in learning more about membership, get in touch with the DLN here.  More soon, after I spend some time catching up with this inspired group that includes some of my favorite interior design talents. Stay tuned...

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