Saturday, January 10, 2009


A fresh take on color and pattern has made tabletop exciting again. J. Chew Porcelain, a newcomer to the world of Limoges, is carried at Michael C. Fina. The vibrant colors and fresh pattern designs are so unique--no one has done porcelain like this. Jaime Chew, a Malaysian-born New Yorker, had spent a lot of time in China, and decided she wanted to do something creative in the home area. A tour in Limoges, France set her on course. She has designed patterns that are inspired by Chinese heritage and the modernity of today's color palette. Combining delicate French Limoges porcelain with the history of Chinese decorative arts, she is bringing something unexpectedly fresh to an often too traditional market .

Here are some of her stunning designs:

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
Arabesque in Hibiscus has ornamental lattice work like patterns often seen in Chinese furniture.

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
Arabesque in Arabian Spice can be mixed with any color.

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
Lattice in Pink/Lavender combines a square motif with a tight lattice design. The two-color interplay is so unique.

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
Lattice in Blue/Orange is amazing--the color combination is gorgeous. The center motif of a circle with lines is a nice graphic touch.

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
Song in Vermillion has a circular banding on a solid color. It is modern and traditional at the same time. The design is inspired by the royal courts of the Sung Dynasty, using the colors of the East and West. This also comes in a navy pattern.

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
Shangrila's pattern looks to Chinese prosperity and good fortune, incorporating the toad, carp, butterfly and lotus flower in a solid color banding.

Photo Courtesy of J. Chew
The central design of Shangrila shows the four motifs incorporated together.


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