Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Shake off the winter cold with some floral prints! Look back at Liberty of London's iconic bright florals and the great retailer with the new book from ACC Editions, Liberty and Co. in the Fifties and Sixties: A Taste for Design, by Anna Buruma. J. Crew embraced liberty prints recently in their button down shirts. I am always pleased when companies rejuvenate the pastel prints. I have the stuffed fabric frogs from London, cosmetic bags I cannot get rid of, headbands and the like all in my favorite prints of yore. We need more Liberty in interior design! This is a good push for a revival, fashion and home are so intertwined. Some of the prints in the book are shown below:

Wear it and live with it, nothing is wrong with that! Stephen Stolman created clothing from Scalamandre prints in a similar way. Someone should do this silhouette- 50's and fabulous.

Wild and crazy.

Great colors for Palm Beach.

Photos Courtesy of Antique Collectors Club Editions
A cute print for a girl's room.

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