Friday, January 30, 2009


Jardins en Fleur is a fairly new company. Simon P. Scott created "Gardens in Flower" from a love of pretty Chinoiserie. Since the 17th Century, fanciful images of an imaginary China have been used. They are especially hot right now. Pagodas, Chinoiserie toiles, screens and loads of other motifs are permeating the landscape. What can I say, bring it on! Simon began his development research in Northern China, where he fell for the silk painting process. Soon he decided expand what was going to be a silk wallpaper venture into something more. Visiting with artisans, he saw he could do things with rattan that were new and fresh. From there he started a line of lighting, framed panels, ceramics and more, based on China's decorative strengths.
For their second NY Gift Show they had more accessories and lighting. I chose to focus on their furniture, because it has such a wow factor. Fretwork was not being done by many companies, and I adore the retro resort flair it has. They offer a variety of finishes and poppy brights. To find out where you can locate Jardin en Fleur check their website. Enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Jardin en Fleur
Nesting tables are always needed. Scatter them around the house or waterfall them.

A Pagoda Coromandel Etagere is great to display some books, what nots, and picture frames.

This killer breakfront does have a lot going on, but it's pretty fab. Show off some blue and white Spode china or majolica.

Perfect for a Lyford Cay house, this canopy bed needs some bright Matouk linens on it.

The Papillon Chair could go rustic Adirondack or porch, anywhere.

Substantial benches with high backs are so great in entryways. A Quadrille cushion is calling for this bench.

This piece comes as a console and a desk. Since we spend so much time at our desks, make it great. Red accessories would be killer here.

At a card table or dining table, chairs with personality are always welcome.

A tray table is the perfect perch for an orchid, more silver picture frames and a candle.


Ah yes, the framed panels that started it all. They are hand-painted on silk in soft pastels. Other motifs include the Cherry Blossom, which goes hand in hand with a pretty interior.


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Marisa - this is great stuff!


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I LOVE! Thanks for posting. Will be adding this to my ultimate wish list.