Monday, June 7, 2010


If you have a dog and they try to get on the furniture, they just want to be closer to you. Should furniture perching be forbidden? I think no. They like the good life too. Sure, you can get them a fabulous dog bed at Canine Styles or John Robshaw, but they really want to be next to you. Designer and shop owner Liz Bauer's Lilly finds upholstery is not enough, she goes for the desk, a mirror, and the coffee table. She is more of an ornament, a decorative addition. With that face, it is hard to say no. Don't deny them!

Lilly Liz Bauer's Norfolk Terrier is at home in her French chair covered in satin.

The desk, sure

Good thing she is staying away from the ikat!

Better to see myself in

The Cozy Alternative:

Photo Courtesy of Canine Styles
The Hampton's Nesting Bed from Canine Styles

Photo Courtesy of John Robshaw
The Vintage Stripe Dog Bed from John Robshaw

If you have a dog that likes to sit on the furniture, send it in! I want to see your canine's style.


lisaroy said...

Our dear Martha loved being on the furniture, or anywhere that I was. Despite the comfy dog bed, she only used it at night because she wasn't allowed to sleep in our bed!

kayce hughes said...

My Jack is 100lbs he loves our big chairs but would probably break a french chair.

mary said...

Jones (huge Poodle) used to love chairs--until he outgrew them--now he is happy with the foot of the bed with his head on my feet. A dog bed--no way! Thanks for the fun post. Mary