Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have a soft spot for adorable dogs and how their personalities come across when a camera is present. Here is a round up of designer's dogs, showing how they love to sit on gorgeous upholstery and live the good life.

They love the ottoman, my mom's darling Westie's Lilly and Daisy, even with plenty of dog beds to choose from. Still, they prefer the ottoman.

Matthew White's new book, Italy of my Dreams, shows Holden sitting on his favorite 18th century Venetian chair. Thank you for the darling photo Frank.

Photo by Tim Street Porter
Peter Dunham's brood

Lucy, Bunny Williams canine cutie

Bunny LOVES her dogs and tries to select fabrics that are dog proof. She puts pretty quilts and throws over her sofas so the dogs are always welcome.

Noodles, Katie Leede's dog, sits daydreaming in a chair covered in Katie's bird fabric

Beth Greene from Kravet's Wheaton terrier Murphy ignoring the alarm clock

Patricia Shackelford aka Mrs. Blandings Rosie naps on the window seat

Tricky, approving the new rugs at Schuyler Samperton's. Her neighbor found him in the bushes of a Ralph's grocery store in the valley in LA, and she has had him since he was 4 months old.

Martyn Lawrence- Bullard's Diva on a custom bed in Madeline Weinrib fabric

Rufus, a mini labradoodle belonging to food writer Carolynn CarreƱo

Oakley a Norwich napping with his master James Anderson

Oakley and Dash, Steven Gambrel's Labradoodle, sharing the duvet

Grant Gibson's Westie's, Campbell and Wallace

Wallace snuggling on a Fortuny pillow

If your dog loves to do this too, send me snaps!


Unknown said...

They're all so sweet! Here's a picture of my sweet Cockapoo, Tate:

Beth Greene said...

What a clever idea! I am so excited to be part of it. Thanks!
Beth Greene

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

So sweet!

mizzy said...

I have had three Westies, They have never slept in a dog bed. They sleep between us on baby pillows on our King size bed. That is the most normal way, right? Love all the pictures.. Great blog!

Deb's mind said...

This is the first time I have read your blog. As the "Mommy" to two adorable dachshunds that make every upholstered surface in my house their home I loved seeing designers giving their doggies free run. I will be smiling all day. Thank you! I would love to see you have a page on Facebook because Twitter only give me a glimpse and I want to linger.

home before dark said...

Love the dogs, their stories and attitudes...and, of course, their surroundings. Great idea.

Marisa said...

I had so much fun doing this I am getting great responses for a phase II! Too much cuteness--

lisaroy said...

what a fun way to end my day - visiting your blog and smiling all the way to bed! those are some pampered pooches!

cathy Whitlock said...

You need to do cats next!!!!

mary said...

Jones doesn't get a chance at the Fortuny--but he is the perfect working shop dog--his job: saying hi and charming everyone, Also, he is a huge and very trim 95 lbs. of blue Poodle.

Anonymous said...

I lost my dog almost 1 year ago. I enjoyed looking at all of these.


North of 25A said...

Wonderful! Charming, every one. My own Pug puppy never stops for a minute (yet) so I will wait patiently for that day to come when we can nap together on the couch.