Monday, June 21, 2010


Bergdorf's has decked out the home floor in red, white and blue-- a patriotic and fresh color combination for summer. Nicholas Manville, the creative maestro of the 7th floor, was inspired by the color palette of a new Porthaut pattern, Demoiselles. This print, in it's original -- first -- coloration of red/blue, designed in June 1970, was inspired by Jacques Demy’s 1967 musical film Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, starring Catherine Deneuve and Gene Kelly. One of the famous songs in the film, ‘You Must Believe in Spring,’ is a lyrical love letter about how people can meet and spontaneously fall in love. Catherine Deneuve was (and still is) a devoted D. Porthault fan, and in the Demoiselles print– with its cheerful French blues and reds – Porthault sought to evoke Deneuve’s coquettish spirit and the intoxication of love at first sight. It has been reprinted for the first time in 40 years. Tying it all together, the fabric upholstered walls match the tablesettings and vignettes where antique and new vases, place settings and objects are paired.

Grab a bunch of huge paper flowers for a cute hostess gift.

Entertaining and summer just go together. Warm weather and farm stand fresh food should mean no fuss, elegant and easy entertaining. By way of example, check out this long pine table with pops of color set for a lingering summer lunch.

A bold new blue and white Prince Blue china pattern from Bernardaud, Baccarat stemware and antique blue and white vase make a fresh combination.

How fantastic are these lucite tropical leaf placemats?

Adding to the selection of new things that coordinate with the color scheme, Tommy Mitchell Tole Botanicals have hit Bergdorf Goodman's home floor in all their blooming splendor. Each potted in a terra cotta vase, the floral arrangements are hand painted to resemble what is in the garden, which they really do!

A freshly painted red pinstripe and antique plates hanging on the wall contrast well with the royal blue and white sitting next to Tommy's potted Hyacinth.

Blue and white Auricula next to sparkly blue Murano glass boxes.

A round table for two, looking ready for summer lunch with a potted Hollyhock.

Pink geraniums with seriously real looking veined leaves in an arrangement of small blue vases on an etagere.

A geranium in detail, was designed especially for BG.

A regal pink Hollyhock sits next to a cluster of antique blue and white vases.

A Charming Lilly of the Valley looks sweet at a place setting. Hmm, good party idea!


Mary said...

Love this theme. So fresh. Thanks for detailing these BG summer images.

Marisa said...

Sure, they are always full of surprises!

dining room table said...

I like these designs. It will going to make any corner of your house so attractive. I really love the color blue on anything.