Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I don't really see myself tooling around town on a bike, but it is good for the environment, a nice idea and a way to get outside more. I know this trend is spreading like wildfire. If you are likely to take a spin around Central Park and go for a picnic, this post's for you!

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie
The Italian Abici Sveltina Donna Bicycle from Anthropologie combines classic styling with an old school leather seat and modern convenience with battery operated lights. Eight speeds have never been more fun.

Photo from Ancient Industries
This bike basket made of willow will ease your farmer's market visits, providing a handy place for the flowers, veggies and pie you pick up. From my new favorite resource, Ancient Industries. Megan Wilson scours England, Sweden, France and fields afar for useful household objects with enduring good design. She sells the products on her blog and internet shop.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Cassill
You can ride wearing this cute Tie Midi Kurta from California girl Kerry Cassill.

Photo courtesy of Juicy Couture
Keep your head cool wearing a Floppy Terry Hat from Juicy Couture. It can go from bike to beach and keep you covered.

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