Friday, July 30, 2010


Photos courtesy of Mrs. Strong

Stationery aficionados rejoice! Mrs. John L. Strong has been purchased, and it is back in business after much speculation. Would it be revived, would it just be a memory of great stationery design past? The soigne and chic paper company that makes bespoke writing papers and stationery, limited edition seasonal Ready to Write™ collections, and desktop accessories such as calendars, event and wine journals, book marks and gift tags, is back in action. Purchased by Jacqueline Kotts, she became the proprietor of Mrs. Strong in the Fall of 2009. "I have long had a love affair with the Mrs. John L. Strong brand and am tremendously passionate about the beautiful products we create and the superior service we provide to our customers. It is my intention to run Mrs. Strong in a manner true to its 80 year-old traditions as the premier provider of quality stationery to the discerning client, " she says.
Founded in 1929, the paper company has long been a staple in stylish New Yorker's writing cache, and I was thrilled when I was walking up Madison and saw their window display was revived. They still create the same designs as they have for years, and their amazing dies, unique color inks and custom capabilities are once again available. Visit 699 Madison Avenue's flagship red - walled showroom to re-order your favorite papers.


Erik Perez said...

fantastic news... woo hoo

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I rejoice in the news. Does anyone know if the 2011 datebook will be in the lineup? It was perfection.