Monday, July 19, 2010


Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel
Sometimes something is so perfect you just get excited about it's perfection. Form and function converge in a daily essential, taking something that can be mundane, and elevating it to a design statement. The Jax Glasses, a Crate and Barrel exclusive, are made by Kronos, the Polish glass company that makes the whisper thin glass tumblers that I have from Conran's (that are also Martha Stewart's favorite glasses she used to carry way back when in her catalog). There is something so clean and fresh about the Jax, with it's subtle outward curve and thin, thin walls. From lemonade to Gin and Tonics, this glass will go the distance in style. At $1.95 a glass, how can you resist?


Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

It has a beautiful line to it, perfect addition to any home no matter what your style it!

Ann said...

Seriously? $1.95!

A trip is in order!

Kalee said...

Oh la la- these are divine! I am in shock at the price, it is almost as if you cannot afford NOT to buy them.