Friday, September 10, 2010


The honeycomb pattern has been nature's inspiration for ages. Like bees to honey, the intricate surface detail draws us in with it's multi - faceted angles and mesmerizing repetition. Chip away...

Photo courtesy of Vivre
Facets make every angle different, more complex. Honeycomb- patterned hammered brass in Surevolution's Champagne Bucket from Vivre provides a tactile, rich surface. Areas are rubbed away to reveal a flash of brass underneath a black finish.

Photo courtesy of Steuben
My fascination for Ted Meuhling's artistic hand at Steuben never seems to wane. His Tortoise series from 2007 became an instant classic. The Full Cut Decanter shines as light plays off every hand - cut facet.

Inspired by an upturned Tortoise shell, his glimmering crystal bowl seems to have inspired other designs. But isn't that the sincerest form of flattery?

Photo courtesy Harman Kardon
Get the most out of your Mac with these gorgeous, icy Harman Kardon speakers. The cooler they look, the cooler you seem.

The crystal artisans at Prague's Artel Glass created the Glacier Vase with a wavy cut top and kinetic surface.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg's Nut-n-Bowl has the clarity and faceting of the Hope Diamond. Clear acrylic is polished to perfection in an octagonal shape.

Photo courtesy of Visual Comfort
Thomas O'Brien's Devon Table Lamp for Visual Comfort has a classic column base with clean lines.


Ann said...

Gorgeous items!

I especially like the ice bucket and the Glacier Vase.


French country furniture said...

Awesome collection, i really like all the stuff, this is really great and i have never looks before, this is for sell or just for showcase? Whatever but very attractive.

Ampersand Design said...

I love all things faceted. I have no idea why. Saw the speakers in a local department store last week, they are awesome.

Loving the champagne bucket and Ted Meuhling's work is gorgeous.

Sandy K

Karen Hartley said...

The Glacier Vase by Artel is totally stunning, but then again so is most of their stuff. I cannot get enough.

Stylebeat said...

If you clock the red text everything is for away