Sunday, September 12, 2010


This winter, the natural world will inspire you from the great outdoors to the adorable animals found there. One thing I know for sure-- antlers hung in groupings is still a trend I'm seeing and it is not going away. The rustic look is everywhere, in aged finishes, handmade details and darker metals that capture the beauty that comes from age and wear. French country is making a comeback, as I saw tons of great baskets, striped linens and Louis XV cerused furniture. Animals of all kinds added a veritable zoo to the mix. Bringing the natural world inside, designers are still working with botanical themes and celebrating the personality and imperfections of animals life, flora and fauna.

Perhaps the walls in your game room need some filling. Cody Foster created papier mache animal heads. A way to get the look without taxidermy.

Driftwood deer heads add character to a rustic holiday from Roost.

For a more refined version, highly detailed ceramic deer, antelope and rhinos in crisp white contrast are hung against on grey wall at Tozai.

You may find these intriguing if all things dark and brooding appeal to you. Bird feet candlesticks from Vagabond Vintage.

Laura Zindel Ceramic vases and bird plates rely on beauty of objects found in nature. Capturing the randomness and natural beauty of vegetables, chickens and feathers, her black and white palette is artistic and serene.

Schools of lifelike fish pass across the surface of Caskata's pewter and ceramic plates.

Adorable brush woodland creature ornaments from Roost will bring the forest to your tree.

Shake it off! How fun is this recycled paper shred dog? Roost captured the sweetness of this breed.

Scary bottle openers to make Halloween a fright, from Homart.

Jonathan Adler's playful brass sculpture of a hippo has personality plus. The marble base takes it to the level of high art.

Sculptural hinged wooden animal boxes by Karl Zahnat at Areaware are more for the kids, but their nostalgic retro Swedish feel is can be appreciated by all ages.

Grand Prix showjumping took center stage at Two's Company. Want to create your own tack room? Now you can! Two's always goes to town, styling their booth with the most superb attention to detail.

Blue and white transferware and a bridle help tell the equestrian story.


quintessence said...

Love Roosts' recycled paper shred dog - we had a Puli growing up (you know - the sheepdogs with the dreadlocks?) - and she looked just like this!

Unknown said...

Fabulous stuff! Wish I could have gone. Did everyone want to put their hands on that gorgeous brass hippo?