Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Photo by Edward Duarte
It's open! Todd Alexander Romano brings his wonderful preppy old school style with lacquered walls, effusive prints and bold accessories to his new shop in West Hollywood. This distinctly New York design sensibility that I like to call neo traditional, is found at his showroom in The Fine Arts Building at 232 East 59th Street, and is newly available to West Coasters. Just think, no more jet lag when you need a little "Todd Time"!

The 930 N. La Cienega Boulevard location is perfect, as the neighborhood has long been a destination for great design. The shiny black door, grey scalloped awning and red lettering fit right in with the design scene.

Todd outside the shop with his adorable dachshund, Bunny.

A selection of juicy Christopher Spitzmiller Lamps and hand picked antiques are displayed in the shop. In addition, he is carrying unique Frederick Victoria reproduction pieces.

A bay window backs onto a garden space, perfect for parties in the sun!

Todd stands in front of a Marilyn series of photographs taken by the legendary Bert Stern, and casual furniture well suited to the LA lifestyle.

Langham and Fine Rugs add a colorful punch over the ebony floors.

A mid century modern lamp sit next to a chesterfield sofa-- with Todd the mix is always surprising and fresh.

I caught up with Todd between bi-coastal flights and he filled me in on the new shop, his fantastic color sense and LA life.

Why LA for your next showroom?

I love California! My father was born and raised in Santa Barbara and we always spent a great deal of time there so it’s really always been my 3rd home (after New York and San Antonio!) Also, I love the people, the atmosphere and my god, how can you beat the climate!!!

What are you carrying that is unique to your California location?

In addition to the wonderful eclectic mix of antique furnishings and decorations, we are well known for carrying a selection of reproductions from F.P. Victoria & Son, the wonderful wool dhurrie rugs by Langham and Fine. Some new lamps I designed with Christopher Spitzmiller, our wonderful Italian pottery and great fabrics from Dek Tillet.

What do people love most about your selection and how you show it all together?

I think people appreciate the uncommon mix, they come to me and know that they are going to see very pretty and unusual things, stylish and unique- and most importantly, organized and shown in a complete and decorative way- in other words they can see furniture and objects in a setting similar to that of a home.

How would you describe your work?

Thoughtful (so much of what is being done these days is anything but!), appropriate, tasteful, elegant, young, personal, whimsical, and sometimes very colorful!

How do you get clients to embrace color? Do they come to you primed, or do you take them down that path?

I love color and I am well known for my use of it… so a lot of my clients are already on board as it were. There are so many ways to use color and there are a million ways to introduce color slowly to those that are “color shy”, the easiest way is through art and flowers- but to get people to really embrace color you have to show them and they have
to trust you.

How did you find the most perfect location?

Literally stumbled upon it while walking up and down La Cienega Blvd. It wasn’t even on the market!

What is the best part of being in LA?

Really the people, the sunshine, it’s a very relaxed and upbeat place to
be! I know it’s a cliché, but it really is all of those things to me.


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