Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Photo courtesy of Madeline Weinrib Studio Printworks
Allemande, her black and white wallpaper was created with Studio Printworks and inspired by a vintage French Brocade

Textile and rug designer Madeline Weinrib has been tapped by American stationer Dempsey & Carroll to do a limited edition writing paper collection. It follows on the heels of a wonderful John Derian collaboration. Madeline's designs are known for their exotic pattern play and painterly feel, and they translate well to envelope liners, adding a charming element of surprise. It is like wearing a great coat with a punchy patterned silk lining- a burst of color lurks inside. If you want to make them your own, personalization is available too- why not add your monogram in a bright contrasting color? Madeline spends much of her time traveling India and exotic lands, and one of the organizations she supports is Project Mala, a non-profit organization working to eliminate child labor in the Indian carpet industry. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cards benefits Project Mala, so do good and write beautifully.

Photos courtesy of Dempsey and Carroll
Allemande, a pattern with a painterly flourish of over-sized damask florals is executed in graphic black and white. Ten black-bordered cards and ten lined envelopes come in each boxed set, including two of each of the five liners.

Isabelle is inspired by a block printed fabric print, one repeat is an all over and the other is a spaced pattern. I am a pink girl, so I love this one. Ten geranium-bordered cards and ten lined envelopes come in the boxed set, with five of each of the two liners.

Isabelle in blue and ecru has a crisp look to it. Whichever you fancy, the person you send it to will surely be in for a treat.


Anonymous said...

The "Allemande" is just beautiful: what a treat to receive...and to send! I look forward to buying these. I've actually been trying to send more "real" thank you notes i.e. not email...and these will be perfect. We live in the South now and note, and letter, writing is so much the way to go!

Unknown said...

I do love these and I wish there were more occasion to send them. They'd look great framed and on display just as an art installation. Really like all of these lovely colors.

Suysel said...

Love amazing stationery! Thanks for sharing!

Stylebeat said...

They are very pretty and I am dying to get some to start writing the many thank you notes I owe people!

Anonymous said...

love the stationery