Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Sending hand written note in the mail seems to be gaining in popularity these days. A small but steady momentum has been building towards this. A return to a more genteel form of communication is afoot. Perhaps it is a reaction against the technology saturation we are experiencing with all of our various gadgets; perhaps it is the return to handmade special designs that lures us in.

Anna and Nathan Bond of Rifle Paper illustrate notecards with sweet illustrations that harken back to classic Bemmelman's and Babar books. The wit and whimsy of a jazzy dog in sunglasses and a scarf cannot be denied.

Taking a trip? Say goodbye with style.

A hot dog in a striped sweater? Love him.

Mr. Boddington incorporates historical elements with clean design in graphic writing papers.

A new writing box is easy to pop in your bag to catch up on thank you notes.

Their whitewashed booth at the Stationery Show provides a stark monochromatic backdrop for the color of the papers and tags stand out.

Pie Bird Press creates artistic letterpress cards with realistically painted objects. A single birthday candle says it all.



The enchanted home said...

So funny I just yesterday received a thank you from of all companies Mr.Boddington! I looked because I thought it was so cute.....great looking stationary. I bet that was a fun show to attend...I went one year and was like a kid in a candy shop (went with a friend who owns a stationary store and it was such fun seeing all the newest and latest trends) I am such a sucker for gorgeous and fun stationary, especially anything with a monogram or letterpress!

Unknown said...

I love hand written note cards and beautiful cards are a must! These are charming!

kayce hughes said...

So fun to see! I love them all, especially Riffle Paper.

Stylebeat/Marisa said...

Enchanted, Boddington has such a special way of doing things!
The show did not have a ton of new things so I was drawn to the sweet things like this!