Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Few companies manage to produce such consistently gorgeous pieces as Soane Britain does. Every single thing designer Lulu Lyttle crafts is stunning. Her unerring eye designs pieces that are rooted in history yet totally fresh for today's interiors.
Soane is coming to New York this May, and in conjunction with 1st Dibs they are opening a Pop Up Shop on the 10th floor of 200 Lex. There will be 100 pieces there, so if you can, make a visit and check it out!

The info:

Lulu Lytle, co-owner and designer in the Pop Up Shop at NYDC

You just have to see it in person to appreciate the fine finishes, perfect scale and butter soft leather upholstery

The Sharktooth Mirror

The Vendome Sofa

The Crillon Chair

The Artichoke Lantern

Halma Man resin side table

The Pineapple Table Lamp

The Hexagonal Side Table


quintessence said...

Well you know how much i LOVE Soane. I will definitely be popping by!!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Great it will be worth it!

mary said...

Maybe Los Angeles will be the next site--a girl can hope.

Joanna said...

Lovely dining table and the chairs were so cool! Lovely post, check out also