Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Summer weather often dictates that simpler is better. This applies when it comes to interiors as well as fashion. Fresh, easy, no fuss. Cotton striped tees are an easy go to. Picasso wore one (along with the French Navy), and so can you. The neo cult label Chance, has made their easy living, clothing and well - edited accessories in red, white and blue, available to a welcoming cadre of simple seekers with a pop - up boutique on Elizabeth Street.
Julia Leach, the former creative director for Kate Spade, designed the label with a yen for all things French and penchant for travel, calling the clothing, "classics that travel the world." Websites are a terrific way to see a brand, but a store like this makes it come to life.
You can find their marine - inspired designs on their insanely cool website, but if you are in NYC in June, make a pit stop at 211 Elizabeth Street. Just look for the red, white and blue bike out front.

A wall painted in a deep, sky blue is the backdrop for a thick nautical rope that serves as a genius hanging display.

A plethora of summer destinations have been blown up in a photo montage on the wall. Luring guests in, it says one word everyone loves this time of year: adventure.

A temporary pop up with all the fixings of the real thing, who knows, perhaps it will become permanente?

Impeccably displays reinforce the nautical d'esprit francaise. The handmade prints by Mary Matson are also for sale.

The power of a great font, as designed by Julia Leach, seen on the cover of their catalog.

A campaign chair and modern standing lamp are a place to sit and take it all in.

Everything you need for a trip out east. Canvas is the best.

In keeping with the nautical feeling, a melange of rope necklaces in a collab with Lizzie Fortunato and scarves in jaunty colors.

A long rustic table is filled with gifts, goodies, from basics and beyond.

Small zippered pouches in crayola stripes and summer themed cards make easy to give gifts for weekend getaways.

Get a jar of jam for a quick and painless hostess gift.

Another view of the merch laden table.

The color palette and similar rustic chic feel make everything hang together.

Longing for a picnic in the park with a 1950's spark? This red white and wicker picnic basket has your name on it.

A mid century wood side table holds lightweight summer scarves and the book, Cape Light, making you want to go to there. Now.

Need a good shop bag to wear with that awning striped tee? Here it is!

A sea of stripes from skinny stripes...

... to wide

Or, perhaps you have a need for some solid cotton tees in primary hues.

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kayce hughes said...

I would love to be able to pop into the store. I am in love with the photos on their web site.