Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am still adoring all things Indian when it comes to interior design. Yes, it is everywhere, but I love the mother of pearl inlay, ancient printing techniques and rustic, weathered feel of it all. Since this is the case, I had to share Sang and Serena with you. Sang Won Hwang and Serena Sandra Weaver call their pieces "transmodern", fusing age - old techniques, exotic materials, and eco friendly aims. Furniture inlaid with intricate patterns and floral block printed quilts capture the best handiwork Indian craftsmen have to offer.

The writing desk is one of my favorite pieces. It makes doing paperwork and all those tasks less of a chore and more of a nice experience.

The inlaid chest shown in ember

the chest in lotus

A three drawer table makes a nice nightstand or free standing bathroom storage.

Select from these colors with bone or mother of pearl inlay:




Their block printed quilts come in sweet patterns with a feminine and graphic appeal.

Goddess floral pattern quilt reminds me of the oh so British Liberty prints.

Tribal print quilt with a square, linear motif.


Unknown said...

Marvellous!!! I love these artistic handicrafts - they make such great eyecatchers. Although I would be careful with the colours - the lotus is a bit out of sink for my taste but all the others are just lovely!!!

Unknown said...

Marisa - and what I forgot to say was I love that this company is working eco-friendly. I have looked through their website and I like what I see...

kayce hughes said...


Avery @ Ornamental Habit said...

Love the blankets and the mix of patterns!

Unknown said...

I could really see lots of uses for all these items. There is nothing like the design made by hand. Beautiful!

Hill Country House Girl said...

I am with you - I love these beautiful artistic things from India and am so glad they are getting the attention they deserve. I bought two blue inlaid chests for either side of my bed. I was afraid they might be too "matchy", but I love them and have never looked back! I think they will look great anywhere I decide to use them in the future. Lovely post - heading over to check their website now.

Style Redesign said...

Marisa-thanks so much for sharing this-beautiful detailing all around-


Erica said...


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