Monday, June 6, 2011


There is something wonderful about meeting young designers and collectors with such distinct point of view. With Mercedes Desio and Albero Villalobos, their classical European aesthetic leads them to collect pieces that range from French to African and Pre-Colombian. They artfully display these varied finds in their downtown gallery, Etos. Their partnership allows for each design voice to be heard, and this duo that met in design school, bring together an eye for collecting all styles. They do design work on site and are able to draw inspiration from their surroundings. Dark woods mingle with lght Swedish finishes, and grey upholstery gives everything a chic neutrality. They are located amongst terrific antique dealers at 16 East 11th Street, and bring a breath of fresh air to the area. Visit Mercedes and Albero, then have lunch at nearby Il Cantinori at 32 East 10th Street and make a day of it.

Mixing old and new, Regency and early American live together in their sweeping gallery space.

Crisp white walls allow the pieces to stand out for their singular forms and finishes.

These designers are always re-arranging the space.

Vignettes throughout make each area a new discovery.

Mixing period styles is a great way to show that what at first may seem disparate actually works well together.

A large cabinet once stored files and would be a welcome addition to any office in need of a tidy storage solution.

Rough hewn wood tables and a gilded settee live together in harmony.

A sofa with a tufted back and tailored arm can work with mid century modern and French antiques.

This desk is amazing.

A pair of Louis XV style sofas have a subtle curve to them that can go minimal or maximal.

An ornately carved mirror hangs above a shagreen chest.

A carved console surrounded by French side chairs is a great pieces.

Canes, anyone?

This table that sits in the window is a favorite of mine. The arch detail and carved legs are beautiful.

And of course, design books are a must!

An oversize slipper chair with bobbin leg looks sleek in grey leather.


mary said...

I love this aesthetic, inventory, art, the mix--perfection! Mary

Joanna said...

The Rough hewn wood tables looks really lovely and also a pair of Louis XV style sofa is nice. The furniture all in all looks really good! Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering