Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Using boards to put together fabric samples, photos and materials to create a scheme can help propel a project forward from concept to creation. I love seeing how various elements come together to create a whole. Seeing how brands concept trends and forecast color stories is always inspiring for mood and material in developing products and interiors. Most creative directors rely on these creative outlets to drive future collections. Proving a visual roadmap, inspiration boards pull it all together.
I was in the Lilly store this summer, they had some boards up that I found to be fun and festive. Channeling classic Lilly through vintage photos and swatches, the boards tell a resort chic story that is in the Lilly DNA but carries through all they do.
I usually create boards like this for projects, and they become so much fun that I have a hard time saying goodbye to them. But I think I have a solution. I am thinking of getting a giant cork board or cork tiles to hang over my desk, so they creative inspiration is never far from sight. Many designers have mastered the memo board melange with invitations, so mine will be a mix.

Hot pink and orange tell a hot tropical story. The old school labels are great.

There's no place like Lilly combines graphic op art prints with shots of Jackie O.

Set the Stage is a rich palette of navy and kelly green and red and navy.

Lime florals and watercolors of the Lilly facade with vintage snaps are Palm Beach chic.


Unknown said...

Great inspiration! Love all the colors!

loft conversion said...

Wow excellent