Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Photos courtesy of Rizzoli
Never one to shy away from unusual color combinations, New York-based interior designer Jeffery Bilhuber turns a corner in his newest book. In The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty from Rizzoli, Jeffrey Bilhuber's design work is explored through revealing 12 residential projects that each capture a distinctly American sense of place with personal and cozy touches. From city townhouses to summer island retreats, the aspects of comfort, how to live with bold color and what makes a home are revealed through dreamy, often dark and brooding photographs. Interior design books usually feature homes are shot in a crisp, neat way, but this book is a departure from that-- photographed by William Abranowicz with shots styled in a casual, almost Dutch still life way, with pillows strewn about, leaves blowing in from open doors, tables still set with just eaten meals, and beds left unmade. The moody dark, undone/real life feeling breaks away from Bilhuber's earlier books, and this time clients are part of the environment completing the tableaux. There are many design takeaways here, and how and where to use color is just the beginning. This book tells a different kind of design story.

Bilhuber pairs the most wonderful colors together- there is a confidence in this sort of combination. A Nantucket living room with solid sorbet-colored upholstery is balanced by the patterned window panels, oyster shell encrusted console and blue - hued landscape hanging above it. The sisal carpet keeps the tone casual and island appropriate.

A mass of greenery in a hallway has a romantic quality to it, the pale blue wall supports the shades of green like the sky. Using plants in this way adds beauty and life.

Advertising world darling Trey Laird and Jenny Laird's New York townhouse living room combines pops of color with a vivid yellow ceramic vase and and electric blue upholstery.

A skirted round table in burgundy velvet anchors the room, where interesting and varied chairs are scattered with a casual flair.

A floor stenciled in an Early American star and octagonal pattern on wide floorboards is fitting for a Pennsylvania home. An orange upholstered sofa gives a jolt to the soft traditional scheme.

A Nantucket family room painted a crisp white from floor to ceiling. A ming coffee table, pea green wing chair upholstered in a burnt orange and scattered brightly colored needlepoint pillows make the space come alive. This room conjures up a picture of the perfect rainy day hang out spot.

The dining area has pale blue upholstered banquette, aged wood table surrounded by mismatched wicker and rattan chairs. A large painting of an aerial view of Nantucket island captures the sense of place.


Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Thanks for letting me know about this book, it's now on my list.

Frances said...

Jeffrey's use of color is refreshing. I love how it makes the tradition decor feel modern.

I'm rushing to buy the book right away!

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mary said...

Designs of a master artist and craftsman. Thank you for showcasing this amazing book. Mary

Number Four Eleven said...

Such a great book! We just got it in our store and everyone stops by to flip through and ooh and ahh.


Pigtown*Design said...

I went to the book launch for this at John Rosselli the other evening. Jeffrey was lovely, and the book is fabulous!

Catherine said...

Thanks for including the beautiful photos.

Andrew @ Architectural Watercolors said...

Tickled pink to stumble across one of our books in this book! Thanks to the Lairds for stacking us on top!

Marie Söderberg said...

love this,,beautiful picture with perfect color Soderberg