Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Capturing moments in Marrakesh with my camera, I could not get over the color, elaborate detail work, lush gardens and play of light over it all. There are beautiful hand - crafted details all over Marrakesh- too many to catch everything on film. Lush gardens bursting with color, painted buildings in saturated colors , intricate handwork on any number of surfaces, the amazing light. Just some of the things that made Marrakech magical.

A sunlit doorway at the ice cream pavillion at La Mammounia

The gardens at La Mammounia before sundown

Monochromatic white pierced lanterns hanging in Moor, a French inflected fashion and home boutique in Gueliz

Dinner at La Pause in the desert

The mixed-up boldly patterned tile floors at Popham Design

The vivid bouganvelia and saturated yellow pots at the divine Majorelle Gardens

The riad Maison D'Arab

Riad Monceau where our small group dinner were held

A carved archway

Pierced lanterns at the entry of the dining room at Maison D'Arab's restaurant, glowing at night

A decorative painted ceiling and elaborate brass lantern at our hotel, The Sofitel


mariomaximo said...

thanks for the images, I hope you and the rest of the crew had a blast in the beautiful city of Marrakesh.

The Avarice said...

how lucky are you! these are so inspiring. thanks for sharing!!

Leslie W. said...

So gorgeous, thanks for sharing! I already posted on of your pics on pinterest...credited to you of course!

Sylvie Michel Bilger said...

OH Marisa...you make fell nostalgic! I was there last fall for 2 weeks with a group of artists . Melanie Royals was a our chaperon....such an exotic place...we first stayed first at The Peacock Pavillon runned by the greatest host Maryam Montague....I am sure you heard about her beautiful new book.."Marrakesh by Design".
Then we stayed in a private riad in the center....took cooking class at the Maison arabe, cocktail at la Mamounian and of course visited The Marjorelle gardens....The hammam is a must....also took a bus one day to Essaouira by the ocean....prior marrakesh I visited Tangier, unique place too...a little less touristic ....have fun...Love to meet you when you come back to NYC. Inshallah !