Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Bringing her trademark flair for color and traditional interiors to the country, Interior designer Meg Braff has recently hung out her shingle in Locust Valley, Long Island. The shop provides a welcome addition in town, with a chic trove of gifts and plenty of reasons to redo your entire home. In this especially beautiful North Shore enclave, you can always count on finding something elegant and steeped in the past. It is as if time stands still there. From the gorgeous trees in bloom at Planting Fields Arboretum to the die hard pink and green aficionados, spring blooms eternal!
I must admit I have not been by the new shop yet, but plan on a foray soon as it was my hometown! Stop in for a visit, the shop is located at 92 Forest Avenue.

A watercolor welcomed the new addition

A cheery red door greets visitors, as does Braff's Southern charm.

Signage in Locust Valley is great, every house has a sign out front made of this sparkly black material with gold lettering.

A bright orange coffee table trimmed in brass is so chic.

Brackets, sconces and large lanterns make for some tough lighting decisions.

You can never have enough pillows, especially if you like to do the seasonal change out.

Pale hued blue walls are a nice backdrop for a variety of sconces.

There are some mid century modern finds mixed in.

Braff's new wallpaper collection is fabulous, you can get it here too.

Lots of great things to add some dynamism to your walls.

Braff loves green, and it is such an easy color to live with.

This seating area is casual and comfortable. The chairs in bamboo evoke a sense of escapism.

More cheery brights, coral with a pop of yellow.

Framed prints line the staircase wall.

A blue moment.

I am surprised the shell console is still there...


Tara Dillard said...

She's good at landscapes too.

Great color choice for pots outside her shop.

AND, cone shaped plants draw the eye.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Brittany and Sondras furniture said...

Oh my thank you for posting this she is my favorite! It looks amazing but wouldn't expect anything less from her!

mary said...

That is one great shop!!! Good luck. Mary

Matters of Style said...

Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

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