Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sometimes you hear about a store that changes the retail landscape. By raising the bar with surprise and delight at every turn, this kind of store provides an inspiring escape, elevating the every day.  This is the case with Terrain, the rural Pennsylvania garden mecca created by the folks from Anthropologie.  The mix of artfully aged furniture and accessories, gardening objects and plants with a rustic yet residential vibe was innovative and exciting. It made the farm to table crowd as well as gardeners heart's skip a beat.  After hearing how fabulous Terrain at Styers was, imagine my delight when I heard that Westport, Connecticut was the location for the next Terrain garden emporium. While visiting my Mom on Mother's Day, I  encouraged her to take a little detour up the Post Road to number 561 so I could check it out. Gorgeous weather on opening day made for a packed parking lot, where there was even valet (how LA) as an option for those that wanted to get inside in a hurry. Here is a sampling what we enjoyed that beautiful spring day. This is not your average garden center or nursery, this is a destination. From the reclaimed rustic garden pieces and beautifully merchandised gifts to the rows and rows of growing greenery all around, I would say Terrain is going to draw garden enthusiasts from miles around.  Get out your wheelbarrow and get your summer gardening going!

The location was a Cadillac dealership. Talk about trading spaces.

A wall of pocket planters at the entrance has a wall garden effect and I like the way it is hung on the concrete wall.

Everywhere you look there are great rustic zinc topped tables with tree bases filled with a plethora of potted plants and terrariums.

Succulents and trees displayed in every type of container imaginable.

The spaces are staged as separate environments to use the space effectively. Here, a dining set up.

This place is HUGE.

Bright hydrangeas in a variety of hues.

Not so subliminal messaging on a linen napkin.

Their tabletop selection has just the right amount of rustic to real living. Aged wood, porcelain and glass do the perfect farmhouse table setting make.

I was totally taken with there large paper flowers in glass vases. They looked adorable.

The collection of aged furniture pieces will go right away since they are special one of a kind finds.

Giant arched windows from a 1920's greenhouse tie display areas together.

In case you hadn't noticed, we are going through a big terrarium moment.

The notion of abundance makes the tea towels, pots and framed art look great together.

 The fern wall.

A natural apothecary area towards the bag has all the hot beauty brands and accoutrements.

 Every gardener needs a little shade from time to time. Here, some quirky toppers.

Steel girders enhance the industrial chic vibe.

And how smart is this? Put a coffee bar in it and they will come. And stay awhile. And shop.

Books range from gardening, to keeping house. I have a feeling this will become a book singing venue extroardinaire.

Ah! A gorgeous arrangement.

 A kitchen table and chairs can be yours.

Rolling baskets dipped in white paint are so chic. I will be surprised if these are still there.

Garden ornaments and antique statuary allow your garden can reflect your individual style.

The cafe combines garden elements in an airy setting with the view of the nursery beyond.

What a day it was- people were preparing their landscaping plans.

From concrete to composite, there are planters for most any style.

A garden shed with flowering potted plants beside it.

A well-stocked greenhouse.


Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

WOW! This is a place I'd love to get lost in for hours and hours. I don't know if I could restrain myself. A coffee bar to boot... smart.. Would have me browsing cup in hand for sure.

Rachel S said...

What a great place! I wanna be there right now!!!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

It is fantastic and a place to linger all day for sure.