Thursday, May 3, 2012


One of the most gratifying aspects of creating product collections for a designer is seeing everything cross merchandised together, beautifully.  This is not always the case, as products are often dispersed hither and yon into the marketplace, without properly telling the design story that holds it together. In the case of Bunny Williams, whose Beeline furniture, accessories and mirror lines are displayed en suite at her recently-launched  pop-up shop, her design collection DNA is pure.  The beloved New York City -based interior designer with Parish Hadley roots went about creating her own heirloom-quality personality pieces in a renegade way.  By collecting antiques, getting inspired by global buying  jaunts  and the need for specific pieces she could not find for clients, she did it on her own, which allowed for total creative freedom.  Her designs have her  specific point  of view, and also problem solve.  Some of the best sellers include drinks tables and handmade glazed porcelain lamps. Arranged like a lived-in home, located at 306 East 61st Street, from May 1 though the 11th, the shop looks move-in ready. Warm touches like throws and fresh arranged flowers make it a delight. Rounded out with accessories and tabletop from her retail and now online  shop, Treillage, it is worth popping over to see Bunny's bevy.


Hamptontoes said...

Great post! You know I am a huge Bunny fan!

Anonymous said...

All wonderful, yet again! Bunny is the best!!!

And the nicest, most generous of her time and talent!!