Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Photos courtesy of Dwell Studio
Soho's 77 Wooster Street gets another cool design destination. For the first time in NYC, Dwell Studio has launched a full on lifestyle store.

A chic dark grey facade greets you with killer brass hardware on the massive doors. What's inside will inspire and make you desire.
Founder Christiane Lemieux in a quiet moment before the store opening.

Arranged vignettes mix vintage finds with Dwell Studio's mid century modern tinged furniture line.

but let's not forget the fun patterned bedding that put Dwell Studio on the map just several or so years ago. It is featured prominently on the bookcase covered walls, fitted with brass accents and library ladders for easy access.

Cool finds have just the right vibe for the mix of old and new.
Need design and gorgeous coffee table books? Yeah, they've got that. Notice one of my favorites-- Deborah Needleman's latest home tome.
The built ins and storage are so good looking, more Tribeca loft than retail, which is a secret to great merchandising, I think.
Grab and go pillows behind a loungey divan from their furniture line.
With clean lines and tailored polish, pieces are styled for the way people actually live, or Dwell, rather.


Hamptontoes said...

Oh wow, I must visit! Such a spot to get lost in inspiring design elements. Her vision for design is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

kwebber said...

I can't wait to visit. I love her designs.

faye said...

love the vintage frames. they look good together.


So great! Can't wait to check it out while in NYC. Looks great :)


Renée Finberg said...

when in town...
i will visit for sure.

great news!!!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

The store is just great, you will all love the results as well as the mix!