Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Photo courtesy of Best Made
In order to start the day off right, I drink my coffee, fall down the rabbit hole of my daily web reads, create my daily list, and start charging though as much of it as I can. Some days I need a little extra inspiration, a mantra if you will. So here's the perfect way to start every day, asking, "What good shall I do this day?' Benjamin Franklin's wise words ring true all these years later, as they call out from this simply adorned enamel sign from Best Made. It gets me thinking I need to do more to help charities I really believe in, do things like respond to my inbox with velocity, and reach out to connect with those that seek advice.
How does this simply phrase inspire you?


mary said...

Thank you. In this hyper busy world we need to take a step back to consider the really valuable and worthy. To set our focus on what good shall I do. Be well.

seema said...

Great reminder to stay focussed on what's really important. Thanks!

Sarah Sarna said...

Marisa, your mantra is fantastic. You radiate positivity and always have a smile on your face. Always a pleasure, Sarah