Friday, September 7, 2012


 The natural beauty and old charm in Sag Harbor is undeniable. It's whaling town history, weathered captain's cottages, and always flying American flags celebrate all things historic and wonderful. Like a fly in amber, the town is a place time stands still. But, the shopping makes it a destination for the most current items and antiques as well.

 A whaling boat at The Whaling Museum.

 A perfectly restored home with stunning stately trees.

 The pharmacy.

The movie theater.

Now, back to the shopping.


Mona Neremberg has expanded her minimal chic home store Bloom, adding the tiny ivy-covered structure next door to her perfect microcosm. Her unerring eye is famous.

White is the name of her game, and you can find all sorts of useful objects in natural or white with very little color.

Gourmet olive oils and salts for the foodies.

More to cook with.

High end cookware and dog bowls on rustic wood shelves.

Sunlight floods the space from a wall of windows.

Natural woods and more white.

A courtyard connects the new location to the original one. A curvacious antique bench looks especially terrific against the stark white walls.

A long farm table set with modern placesettings and super clean streamlined chairs.

Shallow white shelves support a collection of striking black and white art photography that encapsulates the perfect summer of sand surf and sea.

A high backed curved bench around an aged demi lune table.

Gotta have a bit of woven texture to add to the mix.

The patina of the door is perfection.


Former LA gal Natasha Esch opened Monc XIII in town, bringing a sophisticated mix of European pieces and worldly imports. The name, an acronym from the first letter of her family's names adds a bit of mystery. The space is visually stunning, with reclaimed wood, a metal spiral staircase and wide wooden floorboards.

To give a sense of the ceiling height.

Fusing clean lined furniture and warm accents the vignettes are filled with things you can't find out East.

Since entertaining is a big part of Hampton's life, tablesettings are always needed.

Another angle of the store.

A modern vintage brass pendant fixture hangs above Biedermieier chairs.

Leather looks good.

Chairs, tables and serene white accessories.

The ultimate hostess gift for rainy days.

Chunky woven knit pillows and throws in a leather trimmed wheelbarrow from Spain.

Tablecloths look enticing hanging from a clothing line in front of french doors.

Even their kitchen is styled to the hilt.


Photos courtesy of Joshua McHugh
If you know designer Robert Stilin's work, then you know his impeccable eye, and ability to select singular objects that say so much. He lives and works in East Hampton, and has clients all over. Be it showcasing collections, working with a richly layered neutral palette, finding the perfectly aged wood chair or capturing a relaxed sense of place, Stilin's work is sophisticated, warm modern. His new shop, housed within his office, shows off that subtly luxurious bent. Stop in on 74 Montauk Highway for a rotating selection of utilitarian, beautiful, decorative and richly textured vintage finds.

Hmm, looks like he's mastered the art of arranging shelves.

Many of his projects out East embrace Americana with the utmost sophistication.

His office, where the magic happens. When I stopped in for a visit with senior designer Rajaie Khoury, he showed me how they create their scheme boards. Let's just say the most gorgeous palette of the palest hues of camel and cream in every imaginable texture from cashmere to hemp were on them.

The power of a single thing is so clear here.

A shelf in Stilin's office.

A work table in the shop/work/meet space.


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Robert Stilin's work is soooo chic!!

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Hi Marissa! Thanks for stopping the store and the blog love. Let us know when you are back in the area. - MONC XIII

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Hey Style Beat! Thanks for the love, so glad you enjoyed your time at MONC XIII. Let us know when you are back in the area. - MONC XIII

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I loved this post!, it's been a while since I've been to Sag Harbor, but this expose took me back!!

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