Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Photos courtesy of Katie Ridder/David Webb
Tucked into a discreet Madison Avenue entrance before you reach 72nd Street and Park Avenue, you will find David Webb jewelers. If you blink you might miss the small awning leading into their understated chic location. Jewels of this stature are probably better off being displayed behind layers of limestone and glass, rather than screaming for attention. They will garner enough of that when worn.

Husband and wife, architect and designer duo Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder set about designing the salon for David Webb the same way they go about creating a home.  No design detail or comfort was overlooked. The ever-important New York flagship, as part of any stylish re branding, sets the tone for any brand on a global scale.  The company, bought in 2010 from the founding family that has owned it since its 1948 beginnings, is trending hot for starlets and those that love rather large stones and gutsy settings.

The seating area, with icy blue walls, crystal chandelier and yellow, chartreuse and teal accents sets the opulent stage for the gorgeous gems that live there. Like a gracious living room, the space instantly makes one feel at home for a relaxed un-retail experience.

The viewing room, with vivid custom chartreuse lacquer tables and chairs.  A classic Ridder color, it is used in ways that sooth, never vying for center stage. The brightness is toned down by the use of a neutral wall color, in Philip Jeffries popular rivets - studded wallpaper.

Framed archival designs mounted above a long table inspire today's designs while acknowledging the creative spark of the past.  By framing past design renderings as artwork, rather than hanging a tranquil scenic, the brand heritage is enforced with flair.

The mix of delicate and tough make give the space a fresh twist.  Fluid Baques crystal sconces against a graphic geometric wallcovering merge soft and linear. Display cases have subtle lighting to enhance the setting, rather than  detract from it. Because when you feel at home, you are more likely to enjoy a shopping experience., and warm to the idea that you may be wearing these baubles in your living room.

Magnifique, non?


quintessence said...

I was here last year just after they finished - what a magnificent space - befitting the gorgeous jewels!

mary said...

The apple-green jade earings are perfection.

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

The colors are incredible and the space is beyond elegant to a t