Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If you frequent the Upper East Side in the 90's on Madison, then perhaps you know of the beautiful shop, Gerald Bland. For years it has served as a go-to source for stunning English 18th and 19th Century antiques. I was in the shop recently, and was amazed at what I found. The space was alive with color, innovative artwork and filled with unique statement pieces that bring a room alive. He represents a stable of really fascinating artists and everything looks at home against walls painted in a rich chocolate brown.  You may not know that Gerry Bland was close with Albert Hadley and handled his estate. There are a few remaining drawings of Mr. Hadley that he has in store, so if you missed the One King's Lane sale, now is your chance.
Bland has always had a knack for finding the coolest stuff, and upholstering it with just the right amount of detail, from tiny button tufting to contrasting welting.  His wife, Mita Corsini Bland, is also immensely talented, she is a painter and did the watercolors for the Sister Parish book.
 I loved the about-face here,  there is a younger, fresher vibe that I can't get enough of it. 

A chalky white console is so chic

Bright canvases and a Louis chair in Quadrille

See that bench in yellow leather? So good.

A painting of the artist Basquiat Hadley had.

A vignette with a charming fern to add a touch of greenery.

There are so many great chairs to be found I wanted one of each.

A pop of white with camel upholstery

The work of New York-based painter Julie Gross

A perfectly lived-in bookcase

Need a console? Look no further

Modern and antique forms live side by side

Like they say, scale is EVERYTHING

Hello color

These mirrors move me

A desk is the perfect perch to watch the world go by on Madison

Art of every size and shape

Want to look at inventory? It is housed in leather books

A painting on a chair? Sure, why not.

Bland's office downstairs is worth checking out too

More goodies

Where the magic happens

Matte and shiny surfaces

Need accessories?

Like I said earlier, there is no shortage of great chairs


dervla @ The Curator said...

yes! Love that place. I usually just stand outside and drool.

Linda Leyble said...

Hi - I have to visit that store. I have a client in the I may be stopping in.

Lots of great ideas here - thanks for the post!


Marisa/Stylebeat said...

I agree Dervia and Linda, it is sooo inspired!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I totally agree!

I met his wife when she was here in Montecito !! She is divine!!!

(hardly anyone comes here!) signing books with Sister's niece....(or whatever)!

And I heard all about him! what a great team!

Lovely combination!