Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Photo courtesy of Sugar Paper
The power of pink. Sugar Paper's elegant Kate Desk Calendar in raspberry is kicky and fun with a bit of gilt zing
Here we are. 2013. It seems strange, because 2013 always seemed really far off. But it's here. A friend told me 13 is a lucky number for her, so I am hoping it is for me, too. I plan on turning to the phrase "Plan your work and work your plan" (something I learned several years ago through Landmark) often, and KNOW if it is in the calendar, written down, and verbalized, there is a good chance it is happening. 

Photo courtesy of Connor
Secrets of keeping resolutions abound, and I love hearing new ways to implement a plan that will help see things through to fruition. So, in addition to the calendar, Evernote, iphone notes and keeping lists on a big pad of paper like Connor's Big Ideas Tablets, are there any tips you have to finish what you started? #resolutions

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