Friday, January 11, 2013


 Photos courtesy of Block and Brayer
The launch of small,  boutique hand-printed fabric companies continues with Atlanta-based Block and Brayer. The gals were introduced to me by my design friend Sara Lloyd, who lived in NYC and now keeps me up to date on all-things Atlanta. The create graphic, slightly bohemian block prints in unique/off colors with a youthful sensibility. Growing up with the hand done graphic prints from companies like Marimekko, a young group of textile - adoring designers is emerging. They embrace the innovative spirit many of the 1970's brands had, by creating small collections with a strong point of view. They then bring them to market through new channels, like their websites and individual retailers. Interior designer Allison Harper and artist Hollis McFadden take their cue from nature, vintage books and decorative details to design prints with linear, graphic and artistic style. Printed on linen with environmentally-friendly inks, their patterns will surely appeal to those that want an artistic sensibility in their home. They currently sell their pillows, poufs and fabrics by the yard through their website, but drop them a line if you would like to carry them in your showroom or shop.

A selection of Block and Brayer prints in nature-driven palettes.

Their colors and patterns work in traditional and more modern environments adding some spark. Their poufs have such personality.

 Chain in French Blue

 Chain in Orange

 Deco Circles in Light Grey

 Deco Circles in Teal

 Frances in Light Grey

 Frances in Celadon
 Hiss... Snakes in Slate

 Triangles in Celadon

Triangles in French Blue

 Pods in Celadon

 Pods in French Blue
Mini Stripe in Celadon

Triangles also comes in this vivid pink

If green is for you, this colorway of Snakes is a statement

A more toned-down brown in the classical Frances


Limezinnias Design said...

Love everything!

Holly Phillips @ The English Room said...

Love this line. Thanks for sharing a new find. I sure need those snake poufs.

Have fun at Lyford.


Tami Ramsay Design said...

I am an interior designer in Athens, Ga and have been using Hollis's work for custom color textiles and for upholstery. She is a crazy talented designer and I'm excited to see her get a nod from Stylebeat!

Sara Lloyd said...

Love it! Thanks Marisa, we love atlanta!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Tami, that is great, I am so pleased to know that! It is so fun to be able to share new talents like them!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Holly, they are fun, right?!