Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Photos courtesy of Porthault

 A blue and white bedroom by Todd Romano

Liz Bauer's bedroom

Deborah Needleman's home from Martha Stewart Living

It's almost here! Come January 21st, pretty linens can be had at a steep discount when the twice yearly sale at Porthault begins. I have loved Porthault ever since it graced the walls of my sister's childhood bedroom.  My fondness for it has never wavered- the happiness quotient that comes from just looking at their floral prints is off the charts. It's like having fresh flowers around every day. From towels to napkins and bed sets to baby clothes, there is a bit of everything included in their annual sale.

Here is the scoop:

The sale will include items for up to 40%- 80% off and runs through February 9th at:
470 Park Avenue @58th Street

New York, NY 10022

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Anonymous said...

Missed this one!! Usually when does the second annual sale take place? Thanks!!