Friday, July 12, 2013


Now that the Tour de France is in full swing, the biking craze should see another uptick. The bright blue Citi Bikes program has overtaken Manhattan, and catching a cool breeze in your hair may be the best way to go in this hot heat. Audrey Hepburn had the right idea, zipping around on her two wheels. La Tour, with it's impossible Alpine switch backs has me completely mesmerized and I cannot wait to see the outcome of this herculean feat, as the riders roll into glittering Paris under the cover of darkness on July 21st.

 Photo courtesy of Soicher Marin Conde Nast Archive
Audrey tooling around Rome with her dog, Mr. Famous. Framed Conde Nast Collection print through Soicher Marin.

Photo courtesy of Kaufmann Mercantile
Transport the basics in this classic woven Ash basket from Kaufmann Mercantile. You too can look just like Audrey.

Photo courtesy of Red Envelope
I think this is the best bike accessory ever. Protect every precious drop of wine as you take it to a picnic in the park with Red Envelope's leather wine rack. It makes for a pretty clever gift.

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