Monday, July 1, 2013


It seems the collaboration machine is again hard at work.  This time, it is a partnership between two British print-centric textile companies.  Vintage Celia Birtwell mini prints and newer company Cabbages and Roses' blooms are cropping up at Uniqlo. I have a thing for prints, especially when they have a sweet retro feeling.  I have long been a fan of the colorful, naive Birtwell prints, an icon of 1960's and 70's London. Cabbages and Roses launched in London in 2000, and  made their mark with big Cabbage roses on pastel grounds. Their toiles and chintz prints are the epitome of the English countryside, with their charming, realistic flowers strewn about. The two lines are reinvented by Uniqlo, with pared-down crisp shapes in clothing, bags and scarves. With great prices and easy to wear designs, they are a summer treat. Scoop them up by the armful.

 Pretty Woman, one of Birtwell's best-loved prints.

 It looks completely different in a yellow color way.

Their Beasties animal print is adorable with animals and flowers that look midieval.

A Cabbage Rose print in purple and white on a mint ground.

 A striking black and white floral.

A classic blue rose on cream.

Tiny flowers in rows.

 A linen tunic in blue and white floral, perfect for the beach.

 Ships sailing!

An easy cotton dress in a blue and white Indian floral print.

 A diamond printed scarf with tiny blooms in pink and blue.

Quite the striking pairing of colors.

 Mystic Daisy a wonderful linking floral pattern.

A pale blue and red print.

 The same print on a green ground.

Tiny dog portraits. Subtle and darling.

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