Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I love what modern British artist Max Lamb has created for 1882 Ltd, Johnson Brother's Stoke on Trent-based bone china manufacturer. The name comes from the year the company was founded, and it celebrates the Johnson Brother's ceramics heritage. Pushing forward with innovation and a new modern sensibility, this distinctly British brand, part of Wedgwood, captured an entirely new audience with the addition of Lamb's pure white Crockery designs. Both naive and modern, the bowls, jug and mug have a stone age quality to them.  Not only do they bring about a smile, they are substantial, simple and not too precious looking, which is kind of cool for a material that is usually fairly dainty. They would look fantastic in a modern kitchen with open shelving, or paired with an old, well worn farm table. Made from molds carved by Lamb, the Crockery goes through a traditional crafting process to achieve the desired results. The collection is being carried at one of my favorite modern incubators, Garde in LA. 

 Photos courtesy of 1882 Ltd and Garde
The Crockery mold

Matte and smooth make a nice juxtaposition

 The Jug

 The Mug

 The Large Shallow Bowl

The Deep Bowl

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Capella said...

I love things that are a bit of a puzzle - these beautiful pieces being both delicate and rough.