Friday, March 7, 2014


Photos courtesy of Ellie Cashman

Again, I turn to flowers for inspiration in this winter lull, this time, to luscious blooms so realistic, you can't believe they are not growing out of a dark and mysterious garden rather than from a wallpaper's flat surface.  Brazen, bold and beautiful, there is an undeniable allure to the bloom-festooned Dark Floral wallpaper from the Rhode Island raised Amsterdam-based artist Ellie Cashman. Set against a striking black background, lush life-life flowers pulsate from the wall, with a highly dimensional, almost 3-D impact. Designed by Ellie Cashman, and her best-known paper, the shadows and light create a photographic/painterly effect . How does she create this effect? It starts with a a photograph that is painted, then scanned and reworked with digital manipulation.  As an artist, Cashman's muse is the flower, to her, "they are not only beautiful, but powerful symbols that express the full range of human experience." I like the idea of pairing the papers with minimalist, clean-lined furniture, it seems to contrast well with the weighty, lush flowers, in all their Dutch master painting-inspired glory. You can find Cashman's designs on her website, alongside other Netherlands-influenced floral prints.

Dark Floral, in all its moody splendor.

Another view, where you notice the pops of the white blooms and the way certain areas recede into darkness.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Love to see all the flowers and prints coming back :)

Lauren said...

How Beautiful! Thanks for sharing - need to figure out a place to use this!